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Gone are the days of Blockbuster most people use streaming services to watch films, the news, and television series. Hulu is a popular American streaming platform. Hulu has content from the major networks such as CBS, ABC, NBC, and FX. Hulu’s parent company is Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution. As of October 2021 Hulu currently has 43.8 million viewers. Hulu is also very affordable their current member monthly subscription is $6.99 a month.

Hulu shows tons of ads and commercials while content is streaming. This is perfect for business owners to showcase their brands. Now the common man has an opportunity to release advertisements on Hulu whether you have an e-commerce brand, blog, or e-book. Your tribe can be found and established through great marketing.

How Does Advertising With Hulu Ad Manager Work?

I. Manage Your Schedule- Review the calendar and decide when you post your advertisements.

II. Determine Your Tribe-Target by location, interest, program genre, and more.

III. Money In The Bank-Set your budget to get started you will need a minimum of $500 per campaign.

IV. Review-Your ads must be reviewed and approved. The wait is 72 hours before the ads can be released.

V. Pay Up- Pay for your advertisements with your credit card.

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