Financial Technology of the Future: Fintech

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Fintech is known as financial technology and innovation that competes with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. This industry is rising and has four main categories.

Four (4) Categories of Fintech

I. Digital Lending

II. Payments

III. Blockchain

IV. Digital Wealth Management

How does Fintech work?

Fintech companies make financial services accessible to the public. These services include traditional financial transactions such as investing and loan processing. Fintech profits are made through peer-to-peer lending, individuals, and eliminating the middleman and financial institutions. An individual can interest on the money they lend out. FinTech software companies are able to earn money through fees. Spring Labs, Clyde, and Digit are popular FinTech companies.

What Are The Skills Needed To Get Into The FinTech Industry?

An essential understanding of core financial fundamentals, hard skills, security and privacy, and reliability high performance.

How To Obtain Greater Knowledge on FinTech?

Tearsheet’s collection of fintech feeds (Feedly)

The Periodic Table of Fintech (CB Insights)

The Top 100 Fintech Influencers and Brands (Onalytica)

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