Be Rare: NFT Music Streaming Royalties

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“Mistakes make masterful teachers.” Nas

Nas is one of my music artist he stays true his the authentic essence of Rap/Hip Hop. Since he is a native of New York that is critically important. Back in January Nas gave his fans a great opportunity. Nas announced he would sell streaming royalties for two of his songs from the album King’s Disease II released in 2021. So fans are now part-owners of the two singles “Rare” and “Ultra Black” in the form of NFTs. Nas joined forces with music ownership company Royal to sell streaming royalty ownership to fans. Nas is a very popular artist so his single NFTs sold out very quickly. However, all is not lost if you love music, want to tap into NFTs, and make money now is the time to create an account on the Royal platform. I made the mistake of not investing in Nas’s offer. But the next time I see something that catches my eye I will.

What is Royal? A platform that allows anyone to own a piece of their favorite songs to earn royalties right along with the artist. Royal provides independence for the artist and allows them to share this experience with their fans.

How Does Royal Work? Artist select what percentage of the song’s royalties they want to put on sale. Additionally, they can add bundle fan experiences. You can purchase these streaming royalties in the form of “tokens,” directly from the artist. Extra bundled benefits will be attached to this token.

Once the customer(fan) purchases a token, you can claim royalties for the song after they’ve accrued. The time to payout will vary depending on the artist. But if you want you can put your token up for sale on an NFT exchange. When another person buys this token, they will get all the royalties and additional benefits that come with it.

Where can the token be purchased? The tokens are Royal represent a percentage of the royalties from streaming services. This percentage is determined by which tier you purchase. The more you own, the larger the royalty payout. This is a license for non-commercial use of the digital art associated with the token.

How does Royal accept payments? You can pay with credit cards or cryptocurrency, using your own wallet or you can create one for you.

What crypto wallet does royal support? You are not required to have an existing crypto wallet to purchase a token. However, Royal does support MetaMask.

Create an account with Royal here:

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