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$15 per hour on a 40 week equates to $31,200 annually. After taxes that might as well be crumbs especially after you pay your bills. Your bills are another person’s passive income. If you have access to the internet and develop new skills you can change your life. If you are a millennial in debt and you are unsure about how to change your life. Please keep in mind there is nothing wrong working a full time job while creating additional streams of income outside of that. Your job can be the stepping stone. You do not have to start out big it can be something as simple as writing an e-book.

Open a Google Docs or Microsoft Word document.

Provide and write content that helps your audience solve a problem.

Create an account on Canva and design the book cover.

Be sure to save the written work as a PDF file.

Create a Gumroad account or have your own website built.

Publish your work.

Promote it on Facebook, Twitter, IG, You Tube, etc.

Get paid.

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Wealth Always Reign Supreme

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