The Wonderful World of Independent Insurance Adjusting

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Alex Kopestinsky’s article entitled ” What Is The Average Income in 2021?” provides a breakdown of how much money Americans earn each year. The articles provides further depth as to what and why most Americans earn the amount of money they make. However, a few facts resonated with me while reading the article. Kopenstinky wrote that in 2019 it was revealed that 34 million people were poverty in the United States. Additionally, the average American individual’s median income as of 2019 is $35,977 per year. An estimated 63% of American live paycheck-to-paycheck since the pandemic began. Conversely, only 53% of Americans are not living paycheck-to-paycheck before the pandemic. While 44% of Americans were living outside of their means before the pandemic.

As I have stated before the pandemic has reshaped the lives of all Americans and people globally. The job market has changed drastically. Ira Bedzow’s Forbes magazine article entitled ” Five Factors That Entice Workers To Stay (Or Go) During The Great Resignation” argued that money, meaning, impact, validation and recognition are the factors have contributed to many Americans quitting their jobs. I believe money is the most important reason many people have decided to quit their jobs. If the person believes that they are underpaid and undervalued as an employee then they develop disdain for their job. But what happens after you quit your job? Do you hurry up and get another one? Do you apply for unemployment? Or do you take time to develop and learn a new skill to increase your income? Wherever you are in career or business journey I believe it is always good to know about other options.

Independent Insurance Adjusting

An insurance adjuster (IA) also known as a claims adjuster, usually determines how much money your insurance company will compensate you for your claim. The IA is contracted by a firm to work on insurance claims for a specific carrier.

IAs help the client determine how to obtain a fair settlement, by: communicating with the client, assessing the damages, speaking with witnesses, and reading reports by officials. Insurance claims adjusters also use photographs as well as statements from people directly involved with the claim. The statements also include testimonials from experts.

Now that you know a little bit more about the basics of independent insurance adjusting. It is always good to find and use additional resources. Stephen Storey is a successful Independent Insurance Adjuster. He is the creator of the courses entitled Road Map to Becoming An Independent Insurance Adjuster and The Essentials of Claim Handling. Watch the links below and listen to his expertise.

Mr. Storey is changing lives by sharing his wisdom in the realm of Independent Insurance Adjusting.

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