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Link Tree Video Presentation

On one of my social media accounts. I saw one of my followers suggest that people promoting their brands and or business should use LinkTree. He argued that LinkTree presents both polished and quick access to your digital products and business website. So I decided to create a LinkTree account. I do agree it is easier to post your Link Tree address in your Twitter or Instagram bio. Social media influencers use this tool.

What is Link Tree? A digital ecosystem site. Brothers Alex and Anthony Zaccaria and their business partner Nick Humphreys found a common issue while running their digital agency, Bolster, managing social media. They had to update their clients business bio clinks on social media platforms all the time. The notion here is that the singular bio link changes would confused prospective customers.

Alex and Anthony made changes to their agency and many creators have reaped the rewards. Now with over 3.5 million users, LinkTree has helped publishers, agencies, etc. Link Tree’s functionality adapted to the fragmentation of the internet. LinkTree serves those using it and to streamline the content-sharing process.

Link Tree Profile Options

Link Tree Free- there is an option that allows you have to Link Tree profile that is free. That means you pay no monthly fee. But there are some limitations with your account. You cannot provide video links, link scheduling, social icons, customization, etc. But the big advantage is you have unlimited links which means you can promote all of your digital products in one place.

Link Tree Pro- This plan charges the user $6 per month. This plan includes more advantages such as integrations with Mailchimp, Facebook, Googlesheets, and YouTube. This option also allows users to check the analytics so you can see the impact you are making with your audience. Get started with Link Tree here @

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2 thoughts on “Promote Yourself With LinkTree

  1. Hi Countess! I just started using Linktree and it’s a brilliant tool. I’m at the beginning of my wealth-building journey and looking at all the things there are to use and learn could easily become overwhelming. I’m glad Linktree is so easy to use.


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