B.R.E.D. ( Black Real Estate Dialogue)

Samuel Dolcine is an exceptional podcast host and real estate investor. Samuel grew up in Brooklyn, NY and relocated to Los Angeles, CA in 2016. Samuel graduated from SUNY Fredonia in 2013 with a degree in Business Administration-Management. He spent the last five years as a recruiter for public charter schools. Additionally, Mr. Dolcine is a graduate of the Real Estate Associates Program (Project REAP) and plans to transition into a commercial real estate career. He is using his platform to help others and develop an extensive real estate portfolio.

Mr. Dolcine just released his e-book and webinar entitled ” How Start a Podcast on a Budget with No Experience!.” In this webinar and e-book package he does a great job explaining how anyone can create a podcast. He argues that the key to your podcast commitment. Commitment to your podcast is critical because it forces one to stay focused. The value your audience receives is from your content. A podcast is a powerful platform that provides both social and financial rewards. Podcast are also popular because they provide different perspectives from what we see and hear on mainstream news outlets each day.

Sam provides insight on the proper equipment options a podcast host can use.

Sam’s Breakdown of Equipment Options:

Blue Yet Microphone

  1. Zingyole Condenser $35.99
  2. USB Microphone w/ Studio Headphone Set $89.99
  3. Blue Yeti Microphone $139.99 ( Bundle) Laptops


  1. Acer Chromebook $200.00
  2. HP Premium Laptop $397.00
  3. Apple MacBoock Pro $669.00

Another chapter that resonated with me entitled “Finding Guests” the guest can be the core of podcast. Sam emphasizes the use of a tracker. The tracker organizes the outreach to prospective guests but be prepared to evolve with how you structure your podcast. According to the text a podcast must be treated as a business from it’s inception. You must scale your progress and monitor trial and error. If you want to learn more from Mr. Samuel Dolcine purchase his products below.

Click this link https://gumroad.com/a/558855283

Wealth Always Reigns Supreme

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