Ryan Leslie’s Wealth & Digital Tribe Strategy

When I was in high school I became exposed to an artist named Ryan Leslie. He produced and wrote songs for artist such as Beyonce’, Cassie, Usher, Fabulous, etc. I saw him go viral when he shared a video on You Tube producing a song called “Addiction.” During my senior year of high school he released his first solo album entitled Ryan Leslie in 2008. The next year he released his second album Transition. I believe Ryan is a very talented but I became engrossed with his journey to success. He has been underrated on the music scene in America. However, Ryan has not allowed this to deter him he has continued to make calculated business moves, create music, and travel the world. He literally walks to the beat of his own drum.

Who is Ryan Leslie? Ryan Anthony Leslie was born in Washington, D.C. on September 25, 1978. He is the son of Clement and Mooi Leslie. He has also has a younger sister. Ryan began interested in music when he would spend time with his father and uncles. Ryan taught himself how to play the piano as a child. He also learned how to recite music, as well as arrange chords to create songs. At the age of 14, Leslie scored a 1600 on his SATS while attending Bear Creek High School in Stockton, California. He applied to four California University campuses as well as, Stanford, Yale, and Harvard.

In his application essays he explained his desire to matriculate from his junior high school without earning a high school diploma. He was accepted into all schools he applied for except for Stanford. He decided to attend Harvard College. During his time at Harvard he spent time crafting his music production skills. He spent time performing around campus and other events in Boston. At the age of 19, Ryan graduated from college with a degree in Government, concentrating in Political Science and Macroeconomics. Immediately after graduating from college Ryan convinced his parents to support his musical aspirations. He assured them that after two years if he did not achieve any success then would leave the industry and pursue a “regular job.” Ryan took an unpaid internship in New York City and began working Sean “Diddy” Combs. The rest is history.

Business Ventures

Super Phone

In 2013 Ryan Leslie released his fourth album Black Mozart. He launched his album with his #Renegades Music Club. Super Phone allows Ryan to take profits from his “Super Phone” platform. It allows Ryan to connect with his fans directly. Other music artist such as 50 Cent and Raphael Saadiq used the platform to support their album releases. This is like a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) this is an experience that provides direct marketing and allows the content creator a great opportunity to feed their core, build more relationships, and recoup profits. It cost more money to obtain new customers when your funnel has an irresistible offer your customers will continue to support you. Identifying and communicating with your strongest customers you enhance both your brand, cut marketing cost, and grow. So initially everyone wins.

Next Selection Lifestyle Group

While Ryan began establishing his presence as a top producer. He also created Next Selection Lifestyle Group, his music media company with his online-marketing partner Rasheed Richmond. Ryan actively post an interactive daily video blog, where he shows viewers a behind the scenes look at the music business and recording process.

Ryan’s online presence is phenomenal. It is my belief that his strategy of using technology to build his fan base was innovative. More artist have started to follow his lead by connecting their core fan base by using technology. Ryan stays connected with his fans through text and social media. Ryan has always stated in several interviews that technology is the future. You can purchase his music on https://mzrt.com/ and follow him on You Tube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Wealth Always Reigns Supreme

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