The Millennial Disruptive Medium Is… Podcasting

Anchor Podcast Set Up

When I was in college I was a Broadcast Journalism News major prior to switching to Political Science. One of my professors always said that the way in which people obtain access to the news will always evolve. My professor also argued that a true journalist must be able to adapt to these changes and provide legitimate content. Even though I decided not to pursue a career in journalism. I will say that my former professor’s words remain true. As we all know President Trump often taunts mainstream news outlets and refers to the stories presented by reporters as ‘Fake News.” At this point in my life I understand why he constantly makes this assertion. We are in the digital age. Why wait and watch the news at 6 PM when I can get it on Twitter, Instagram Live, YouTube, etc.? What if I see the bias and unprofessional-ism in mainstream news? These factors have magnified the presence of podcast. A podcast is defined as a digital audio file that is available on the internet, computer, and mobile devices. Podcast are generally recorded as a series of episodes which can be received by subscribers.

Podcast Variants

Enhanced- An enhanced podcast links images that can be synchronized with the podcast. This allows the podcast to become a slide show supported by narration.

Podcast Novel- The podcast novel is an audio book that combines the creator’s concepts of both the audio book and podcast.

Video Podcast- A podcast supported by video content.

Live podcasts- A podcast that is similar to a live concert. Ticket sales can be used to promote this podcast.

Why should you create a podcast with Anchor? Anchor is an all-in-one platform where creators are able to distribute and monetize their podcasts from any device for free. Yes, the hosting is free. There are no storage limits or trial periods. Anchor gives podcast creators an opportunity to monetize their product. Additionally, Anchor provides sponsorship and you are allowed to decide which brands you want to collaborate with. This is great because it allows you to include sponsorship in your episodes. The promotion is read by you the podcast host. Another way you are able to monetize your podcast with Anchor is to add a button on your profile that allows your listener to sign up for monthly donations.

They do not even need an Anchor account to subscribe. Anchor also provides more creation tools. Anchor provides the podcast host with tools to take voice messages from your listeners, import and upload existing audio, add transitions, sound effects, and background music. If you already received your stimulus check make sure your financial gains returns ten times fold. This is the perfect time to create a podcast and build your tribe. You can download the Anchor app on cell phone or tablet. You can also create Anchor on your laptop or desktop just to make sure you have an email address and get started.

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