The Millennial Millionaire: Billy Digital

A Forbes magazine article entitled “Skills More Than Degrees In New Chamber of Commerce Foundation Report” Cheryl Oldam,senior VP of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Center for Education and Workforce argued that the nation needs to move towards more skills-based employment. Said differently, hiring managers are preparing for a world where competencies instead of degrees are important factors when filling a job.

Many millenials have incurred student loan debt and have not been able to find jobs after college and graduate school. Most employers argue that they lack experience.

Growing up we were told work hard, go to college, and you will get a six figure job and live the American Dream. The reality is we were lied to and the economy changed. Many millenials have had to take on jobs they hate for low pay Additionally, many young people feel resentment and lost. They are not able to start families, purchase homes, etc. because of their student loan debt.

But our generation has one huge advantage the internet. We came of age during the rise of technology. We have access to smartphones, social media, and we can use these items as tools to create multiple streams of income. Start your own marathon and secure your bag.

Words From Billy Digital

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