Billy Digital: The Millennial Consultant

The Story of Billy Digital

“Money is exchanged, not made.” Billy Digital

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan had one thing in common. They had the greatest coach of all time Phil Jackson. Phil Jackson was able to teach both men how to reach the pinnacle, become champions, and enhance their brand. As we all know Michael Jordan made the NBA popular on a global scale, his shoes remain popular, he raised his profile as a business man, and is now a billionaire. Jordan is the owner of the Charlotte Hornets. In regards Kobe his NBA career began slightly different from Michael Jordan’s. Kobe had to come off the bench. Kobe missed critical shots during the NBA playoffs and briefly doubted himself. Kobe wanted to prove to himself and his critics that he deserved to be in the NBA. He changed his mindset and made sacrifices to elevate his game. He went to the gym at UCLA and skipped parties. He stayed in the gym until 2 AM. Additionally, he worked closely with his coach Phil Jackson. Phil Jackson was willingly to develop a young Kobe into an NBA star that would eventually become an NBA champion. Kobe used his athletics skills to enhance his presence off the court which led to success in business. His adversities gave birth to his alter ego “The Black Mamba.” Both Michael and Kobe were willingly to listen to their coach. The best coaches are able to analyze the strength and weaknesses of their players. The best coaches teach you how to hone your craft and channel both your passion and hunger. This builds one’s foundation and manifest success.

Despite the fact millennials have incurred gross amounts of student loan debt. As I have said before we do have an advantage. Our greatest advantage is the internet. We came off age during the rise of technology. We have access to smart phones, tablets, and social media. With that being said we also can connect with people who share our same interest. We have the tools to connect with our peers that have achieved success in business. They literally one click away. You have probably seen some of these people on your social media platforms and were you afraid to reach out. Sometimes you have to shoot your shot. If you can apply for jobs everyday on Indeed and Zip recruiter and get rejected because of a ‘lack of experience.” Why not connect with a consultant coach that will teach you high income skills? Why not reinvent yourself? We have seen our grandparents and parents work one job their whole lives and have rely on their 401 K to carry them during their retirement years. I am not speaking down on that or saying it is a bad thing but if you want something different, then you must do something different.

Why Should You Connect With Billy Digital? Billy teaches you how to invest in yourself. Whether you desire to build a brand with e-commerce or affiliate marketing Billy challenges you to reach your plateau. He has witnessed and endured pitfalls of financial illiteracy. Billy was able to use his talent and efforts to reinvest himself and become a successful businessman. Billy is able to travel at his own leisure, make money from multiple streams of income, and dedicate time to his passion of helping people elevate their financial thermostat through financial coaching.

Invest in yourself and connect with Billy now!

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You can follow Billy Digital on Twitter, IG, and Youtube and check out his podcast “40 Acres and a Lambo”

Wealth Always Reigns Supreme

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