7 Lessons I Learned From Power

One of my favorite television series, just recently ended. That series is entitled Power that was seen on the Starz network. The series focused on James “Ghost” St. Patrick portrayed by actor Omari Hardwick. James lived a double life as a nightclub owner by day and drug dealer by night. However, he does not desire to remain a drug dealer for the rest of his life. The older James got he raises both his financial thermostat and social thermostat rose, and he legitimately pursued monetary wealth. He navigated his double life with his wife Tasha, best friend Tommy, and past love Angela. I believe that were seven lessons I learned from watching the series. It is my belief that these seven lessons can be applied to millennials, prospective millennial entrepreneurs, and investors.

I. ALWAYS BE WILLING TO EVOLVE- It is easy to remain stagnant, but that hinders one’s progress. In the series James St. Patrick was willing to evolve in the business. Hence, he did not want to rely on selling drugs for the remainder of his life; this was one of the character’s greatest strengths.

II. LEARN HOW TO MULTI-TASK- As cliche’ as it may sound, “You should never place all of your eggs in one basket.” James St. Patrick decided to open a night club, mingle with the wealthy, and make moves in politics. He did all of this while keeping law enforcement off his ass.

III. STUDY THE GREATS- My business mentor always says, “success leaves clues” the more he reiterates this, the more I understand. Generally, people are inspired by the people who have perfected their craft. To lead, one must learn how to follow. Before you reach the pinnacle and reign supreme, you must be willingly to invest in guidance through books and mentor ship.

IV. STUDY YOUR ADVERSARIES- This is a Machiavellian strategy, but it works. Your enemies are always watching you. You study your enemies to stay tens steps ahead, but also monitor their actions because sometimes they can be your allies. The notion here is that strange bedfellows can manifest exceptional results.

V. EVERYBODY WILL NOT RESPECT YOUR EVOLUTION- James St. Patrick made it his mission to leave his life of crime behind. There is one scene that resonated with me. James asked his wife Tasha, “When you first me what did you think I was going to be?” Tasha responded “The best got damn drug dealer in New York City.” This moment changed their dynamic forever. James wanted to stop selling drugs for several reasons. First, to protect his family, to grow professionally, and live a stable life.

VI. BE CAUTIOUS OF FAMILY MEMBERS- One thing I noticed in the series James St. Patrick tried to elevate his family. But his owner and best friend did not support your vision. They will question you and try to discourage you. It includes your parents. Sometimes it is coming from a place of concern because they do not want to see you get hurt. However, sometimes it is because they can be jealous that you might be on the cusp of expanding your horizons. It is a hard pill to swallow.

VII. BE HUMBLE-As you soar to new heights, remain humble. Towards the end of the series, Power James St. Patrick’s life began to move in the direction that he wanted it to despite the loss of loved ones and friends. He was putting his life of crime behind him and was moving towards entrepreneurial dreams and a new career in politics. But he started having conversations with family members, but he was both crude and rude. James list of enemies began to grow and led to his downfall. Healthy competition is good because it motivates. Having confidence is a great character trait, but having a nasty attitude does not elevate you. Now granted, if an individual wants to become famous, then you will go out of your way to please everyone, but this makes one spineless. People who do not focus on popularity assume power as soon as they walk into the room. They exude energy; it is their walk, talk, body language, etc. Always remember that humility brings greater rewards.

Wealth Always Reigns Supreme

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