Paycheck to Paycheck: Millennial Problems, Millennial Solutions Part II

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The average American millennial has a net worth of $8,000. This has presented both social and financial insecurities. Tami Lubby’s CNN article entitled “Many Millennials are Worse Off Than their Parents a first in American history” Lubby argues that the generation of people born between 1981-1996 have come of age during the worst financial crisis. I have seen and heard some people argue on social media that the college degree or graduate degree one pursues can impact employment prospects. As I have gotten older I understand this sentiment much clearer and I would say that I agree. It is imperative to obtain a skill, a high income skill. I do have student loan debt myself. However, I working on changing that studying, obtaining new skills that can generate high income. I wrote this book because I see an issue that has plagued my generation. There are some millennails who are making strides and no longer have student loan debt. There are also millennials that studied Finance, Law, and Tech so they were able to leave school with high earning income and no debt. I believe that is great but for those who do not fit that category they are currently swimming in debt. But I do believe all is not lost. If you have access to the internet and smart phone you can change your life. Find out more when you purchase the e-book How Millennials Can Rise From The Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Student Loan Debt. Click this link here

Wealth Always Reigns Supreme

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