Use Your Voice As An Audio Book Narrator

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“Speech is a very important aspect of being human. A whisper doesn’t cut it.” James Earl Jones

I enjoy reading books although recently I have begun to listen to audio books on the internet. As I was listening I began to ponder about how much money an individual makes narrating audio books. My recent research has informed me that is very lucrative. An audio book is known as a recording of a book or magazine being read aloud. Audio books can be downloaded and an individual can listen to them on multiple devices. Audible, OverDrive Inc., and Scribd are the best audio books apps. Audio books have also become a fast growing market for both voice actors and publishers.

How to Become an Audio Book Narrator

Find a production company, author, and book publisher. Those are the three elements one needs to become an audio book narrator. These will most likely be your clients. Once the client provides you with the text there is an expectation that the audio book narrator will do the post-production on the audio files and provide the finished product. ACX also known as Amazon Creative Exchange is the best format to complete the audio book narration with. However, there some alternative to Amazon Creative Exchange. It is important to read the text first to become more familiar with it. Verify all the pronunciations of the text properly. Verify all of this with the client.

The Audio Book Narrator Process

If you are recording long text be sure to break it down into smaller, individual audio files, initially one chapter at a time. Smaller files helps the post production and keeping everything clean and manageable. While recording make sure the room is quiet with good acoustics. Also be sure to remove earrings or any other jewelry because it can make noise. Additionally, harsh clothing fabrics can make noise so be sure to be cautious about you wear while recording.

How much money do Audio Book Narrators Make?

The amount of money varies for audio book narrators. It has been said that some beginners have been able to earn $100 for each hour of the finished product. While veterans or experienced audio book narrators usually earn at least $168.25 per hour for a finished audio book of eight hours. A non-union audio book narrator can usually expect to earn $150 per hour. The Creative Penn helps beginners get started with this side hustle. You can also find work as an audio book narrator at Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. If you enjoy reading and public speaking this is a lucrative side hustle.

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