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Ryan Leslie

I am a huge fan of artist and successful entrepreneur Ryan Leslie. I follow him on social media and his latest Instagram post discussed a new investment app called Titan. Ryan Leslie is now an early investor of this investment app that gives the general public access to the managed portfolio services usually for the ultra-wealthy.

More About Titan

Titan is an investment firm that manages for 25,000 clients. Titan requires a minimum $100 investment, there are no lock-ups, only United States investors are considered to be qualified. Additionally, custody and clearing is through Apex Clearing. Legal Counsel is through Lowenstein Sandler LP and compliance is through Greyline LLC.

Retirement assets are allowed on Titan. Traditional, Roth, SEP or Simple IRA to Titan. You can also roll over an old 401 (K) or 403(b) retirement. Titan also accepts partial rollovers too.

Adding Capital To The Titan Account

Titan allows investors to add funds immediately and withdraw within 2-4 business days.

How to Set up an Accont

I. Create an account and transfer capital.

II. Allow Titan to work and invest your capital.

III. Receive updates in real time on your investment.

Although Titan is not a hedge fund but the app does mimic the investment style of a hedge fund. I decided to research more about this app because I am always looking for methods to share with fellow millennials to create side hustles and wealth. The investment strategy with Titan is long term. Also Ryan Leslie’s support of it speaks volume.

Get started with Titan here

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