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I love sports and I grew up playing sports. When I was college I become more familiar and able to understand football thanks to a close friend who explained the game to me. Since then I have been a huge fan of star quarterback Cam Newton. Recently I decided to become a part owner of a football team. Since becoming an angel investor on Invest Republic I have used my 9 to 5 to make investments. I am not an expert or a millionaire yet but I will get there. But I do believe in making investments that can be both profitable and fun.

NFL champion and businessman Richard Sherman

Fan Controlled Football (FCF) is a new category of interactive entertainment that blurs the line between traditional sports and video games. This is the first professional football league where fans can call the plays. Additionally, each team is led by famous owners who will actively engage the fans to help make all the key decisions. The games are played on a set designed exclusively for the digital audience and all games are streamed live on Twitch, this provides fans with an interactive sports experience. Prominent team owners include NFL champions Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch, rap artist Quavo from the group The Migos featured in the video link above, Alexis Ohanian cofounder former CEO of Reddit, and Deestroying YouTube star and former football player.

Rap artist and businessman Quavo
Businessman Alexis Ohanian

Fan participation

Fan participation is free and all fans have a voice, but not all fans are created equal. Fans earn FAN IQ by engaging in the FCF ecosystem, voting, drafting players, calling plays, consuming, and creating content, engaging with partners, recruiting fans to their team and more. The more FAN IQ you earn, the more you rack up badges and reach higher levels on the leaderboard. As you level-up, your voting power increases relative to other fans of your team, and your badges provide special powers and boosts during the weekly draft and games.

Investment Cost

The minimum investment is $150 and investors with more funds can invest $995.

Find out more here and click this link https://republic.co/fcf-glacier-boyz

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