It All Begins In The Mind

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My previous post have focused on ways millennials can take action to build wealth. However, my business consultant coach has said that it starts in one’s mind. Before one take action outside their 9 to 5 and venture into their side hustles and brand. It is important to build confidence reassure yourself that you are capable of the new challenge you will embark on. Each day before I go to work I listen affirmations. I can honestly say that my day feels different when I do not listen to my affirmations in the morning before work. If I do listen to or recite the affirmations in the morning I try to listen to the positive reinforcement before I go to bed at night.

My hometown hero Muhammad Ali believed he was “The Greatest of All Time” and recited this mantra until it became true. Many people laughed when a young man from Louisville, Kentucky took the boxing world by storm by promoting himself to get the title fight against Sonny Liston in 1964. But as he said he shook up the world. Now granted Muhammad Ali already dedicated his time to his natural athletic abilities. He developed his boxing craft and built his brand based on his bold bravado. I believe in keeping some things simple so go to the VBYO Youtube channel and I look at the videos daily. I will post each video link.

Video I.

Video II.

Video III.

Wealth Always Reigns Supreme

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