#Stimulus Checks Now:Create Your Own Wealth Path

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“You have to build a solution that keeps you up at night, because you know you are the best person in the world to tackle the challenge.” – Ryan Leslie

In the recent Washington Post article entitled ” Congressional leaders add stimulus checks to $900 billion relief package as they near deal” by Jeff Stein, Mike De Bonis, and Seung Min Kim.

Congressional leaders are having negotiations about another economic relief policy for the United States. This economic policy would include a second round of stimulus checks. The package is expected to include of billions in aid for ailing small businesses and jobless American citizens. Additionally, billions in aid for other critical needs. A one-time check of between $600 and $700 direct checks for Americans below a certain threshold.

Over 8 million Americans have fallen into poverty since this past summer. This is partially due to emergency benefit programs expired. The pace of hiring has decreased and there has been an increase of Americans filing for unemployment benefits.

As politicians argue back and forth and play political football. This gives you an opportunity to take action and create your own stimulus. If you have managed to hold onto a job during the pandemic you are fortunate. Use the income from your check to buy income through dividend and angel investing. Use your income to buy courses on Gumroad or create your own courses. Purchase the e-book How Millennials Can Rise From The Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Student Loan Debt. Even though I wrote this book as a guide for millennials to create income outside of their 9 to 5’s this book is a basic guide on how the internet is the reset button especially during the chaos of the pandemic. If you have a smart phone, laptop, and wifi connection then you have an opportunity to create wealth; create your own stimulus.

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Wealth Always Reigns Supreme

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