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Voice over work is considered to be a hidden gem because it is so lucrative. What is voice over work? A style of employment in which an individual uses their vocal abilities to record audio for various purposes and industries. The current national hourly average rate for voice actors in the United States is $37 per hour. So that is about $76, 960 annually. Now granted, this statistic depends on the location and industry the voice over is in.

How To Get Started With Voice Over Work With No Experience?

I. Develop Your Craft

II. Record A Demo Reel

III. Practice

IV. Network Daily

It is wise to network and purchase the proper equipment to get started with voice over work. A home studio setup checklist should include a microphone, an audio interface, recording and editing software, and a quiet place to record. Additionally, is a great platform that helps an individual get started with the voice over industry.

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