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In the realm of online marketing a landing page serves as an introduction to your customers. It also serves as the stand alone page, that is usually distinct from your business/brand homepage. A landing page also functions as a follow-up to any promises that you have made in your content.

Why do you need a landing page? The landing page is essential because leaves a first impression and it is easier to capture conversions.

Bio.FM is straightforward and an easy way to create landing page. However, it does only function as a landing page this also serves as a website. With Bio.FM you can share video, images, links, and email collection forms. Additionally, Bio.FM so members your loyal customer base can always know what you offer and how to locate your products or services.

How does Bio.FM work?

I. Content- Select the products you want to share, select the blocks, and then import the content.

II. Re-shape & customize your blocks- Use the mouse to add, delete, edit and move blocks around.

III. Share Links- You can share your links anywhere you want. Your potential audience is unlimited.

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