Paycheck to Paycheck: Millennial Problems, Millennial Solutions

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Hillary Hoffower’s Business Insider article entitled “70% of Millennials Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck, more than any other generation.” The article emphasized three major points millennials are hitting expensive life milestones but not yet peak earnings, the many economic challenges have also faced make things financially difficult, and millennials are still struggling the most.

40% of baby boomers and silent generation citizens live paycheck to paycheck, the least of any generation. Although it is necessary to understand that when an individual or a family could be living paycheck to paycheck because of both wants and economic needs. Age and family status also demonstrates why millennials from ages 25-40 are struggling. Millennials have lived through economic events that shattered the country. Back in 2008 the latest Great Recession, cost of living increase, and student-loan debt. The pandemic recently placed more burdens on millennials. Now it must be said some millennials are doing just fine financially. However, life is very difficult for those are not making strides which can cause economic and social insecurities. Despite this I do believe an individual can re-invent themselves by obtaining valuable skills and having tenacity.

Thanks to the internet there are various ways to make money, learn new skills, and charge people for your expertise. For example, an individual can create a Discord Group and charge a membership subscription fee each month. This provides additional income very fast. It allows you to connect with like-minded people and cultivate skills. Find out more when you purchase the e-book How Millennials Can Rise From The Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Student Loan Debt click the link here

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