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As I said before one thing I enjoy about social media is having the chance to follow millionaires, billionaires, etc. I saw a Twitter post from Chris Johnson the founder of Seventeenth Watches and The Wealth Squad. He began what he calls “The Hidden Money Challenge” this challenges entails creating an account with the DigitApp. What is the DigitApp? The DigitApp is also known as Hello Digit launched in 2013 currently based in San Francisco. This app has helped customers save more than $2.5 billion.

Digit enables you to save money without any effort. Additionally Digit has great features and benefits. Digit determines a safe amount to withdraw from your checking account, based on your lifestyle, income and spending patterns. When you sign up for the app and connect your checking account Digit reviews your spending habits. The app currently only monitors one check account. Digit also currently has no minimum account balance requirements.

How does Digit determine how much money to transfer into savings?

I. Linked checking account balance

II. Upcoming income, including paychecks or predicated irregular income

III. Upcoming bills

IV. Recent spending

V. Any savings controls you set

Transfers from Digit occur two to three times per week on average. Usually the amount falls between $10 to $30 per transfer. The numbers depend upon the spending patterns. Digit also offers Retirement IRA and Investing Portfolio.

Digit Pricing and Fees?

Digit gives you use of the app free for 30 days. Once the trial expires, the fee is $5.00 per month. The service can also be canceled at any time, with no further obligations. Get started with the DigitApp here

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Wealth Always Reigns Supreme

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