How to Become a Bail Bondsman

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For two years I worked as a legal advocate for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. I worked along side prosecutors and defense attorneys reviewing cases. At times I would be required to watch body cam videos, listen to jail calls, and send bail slips to the clerk’s office. One thing I noticed while working this job was that bail money was always needed for defendants in various cases. Sometimes I would sit in my office and ponder about how much money Bail Bondsman made. Upon further review I discovered that a bondsman takes commission on each bond that is posted. It does depend on who bondsman works for. However, if an individual works for him or herself as a bondsman they have the ability to make anywhere from $50,000-$80,000 per year. There is an opportunity to turn this into serious cash flow. As we all know people will always have to go to court and pay bonds and court cost.

How To Become A Bail Bondsman

I. Research and Study Your State’s Private Bail Bond Policy. States such as Kentucky, Oregon, and Wisconsin just to name a few do not allow commercial bail.

II. Obtain the proper information and contact your state’s State Department of Insurance for information about bail bondsman schools and licensing requirements.

III. Complete pre-licensing courses and requirements. The state you reside in could require an individual to complete a pre-licensing course in order to become an eligible bail bondsman.

IV. Licensing Process- Your state may also require you to take a written exam. The examination fee could be between $40-$100. Additionally, there is a possible finger prints requirement at the time of the exam, which includes a fee as well.

V. Apply for Your License- Once you have passed your exam then you may apply for your bail bondsman license. Submit an application with the State Department of Insurance and pay a fee via check, money order, and or credit card. You must also present your examination score.

VI. Join a company or become a bail bondsman independently- The benefits of joining an already established bail bondsman company is that you obtain experience and networking connections. However, you will have to answer to another boss. If you desire to start your own bail bondsman business you must be prepared to obtain a separate license, surety bond, and incorporation.

Potential Risk of the Bail Bondsman Process- As a recovery agent for offenders who do not report their court dates. This could potentially present danger if the offender is aggressive. A bail bondsman can also be held accountable for bail fees if their client does not show up to their court date.

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