The Pit Falls of the American Education System

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This video resonated with me because I actively listened to the speaker. I believe this is a very constructive critique of the American education system. I would never disparage all teachers and professors but applied knowledge is more useful an individual. The big question posed here was “Why don’t they teach us about money in school?” To be honest, I do not remember financial literacy being emphasized when I was in school. A large portion was about memorizing the subject and taking exams. Another assertion made in this video that students are taught not to make mistakes. The more I though about it this notion made sense. It is best to learn from failure and mistakes. I admit that I have struggled with this myself. But many lessons can be learned through failure. I subscribe to this channel VYBO and VYBO 2. I still believe that the internet is the reset button and allows us to learn high income skills while adding value. Find out more when your purchase the e-book entitled How Millennials From The Boulevard of Broken Dreams click this link This e-book serves as a simple guide for millennials to start side hustles that can replace 9 to 5 income.

Wealth Always Reigns Supreme

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