Bottoms Up! GrapeStars Edition

Every once in awhile I enjoy some wine or sangria. One thing I have noticed since the pandemic began in this country is that liquor stores remained open. People wanted to be able to consume alcohol at home if they could not go out to the local bars and night clubs. U.S. online sales of alcohol have increased by 243%. So I decided to invest in an app called GrapeStars. GrapeStars is an online marketplace that allows celebrities to promote wine and spirits directly to their followers. This app provides a virtual direct-to-consumer sales channel that connects celebrity ambassadors with their fans via social media channels. This allows fans to interact with their favorite athlete, musician, actor, etc. through the app and purchase the product.

How does it work? GrapeStars is available for every iOs and Android device. Once installed, users make a profile and can browse their favorite celebrity brands without going to the store or scrolling through social media. All purchases can be made directly through the app and it will be delivered at your doorstep. Users can also donate to their favorite charities on the app.

The Process

I. Users place the order on the app or directly from the celebrity’s social media account through a link on the GS app.

II. GrapeStars routes to a retailer licensed to ship to user’s state.

III. Retailer orders from the distributor (delivered next business day).

IV. Retailer ships to user (received in 2-3 days).

Business model: Revenue comes from a standard retail markup with GrapeStar’s retailer partners. GrapeStars charges a 15% commission fee on the products sold through the platform. The current sales pipeline, shows that GrapeStars is on track to make $100 million in revenue in the next 5 years. So far GrapeStars has gained traction from over 350 major celebrity brands. David Beckham, Drake, and Jay-Z have agreed to collaborate with GrapeStars and have their products featured on the app. GrapeStars has partnerships with NBC Universal, The Gallo Family, and Silicon Valley Bank.

Find out how to invest in GrapeStars here @

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