The Court Diversion Side Hustle

In the criminal justice system diversion serves as an alternative method for defendants to serve time and or minimize legal consequences. A diversion program allows the defendant to join a rehabilitation program, which will help remedy the behavior leading to the original arrest, allow the defender to avoid conviction and, in some jurisdictions, hide a criminal record. Said differently, a diversion program can give an individual an opportunity to redeem themselves and clean up their record. When an individual completes his or her diversion program requirements the only thing that will appear on their record is the initial criminal arrest, but the charges will be dismissed. Did you know that diversion programs can be financially lucrative? Yes, a diversion program business generates 6-7 figures while getting referrals from the courts, prosecutors, and defense attorneys.

Derek Collins is the founder of the Diversion Center in Atlanta, GA. He teaches aspiring court mandated providers courses in anger management, substance abuse, domestic violence, shoplifting prevention, parenting, values certification, and MRT (Moral Reconciliation Therapy). Collins’s facilitators have been teaching these classes to clients during the quarantine via Zoom in their comfort of their homes.

Derek Collins if offering a one-day class entitled ” How to Start a Court Mandated Business.”

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Wealth Always Reigns Supreme

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