Inflation Infinity Stones: Gold & Silver Bullion

Kings, queens, and emperors have always preferred gold. Due to highly in-debt government issued paper money. Founder of Mobius Capital Partners LLC , Mark Mobius argued that the trend for gold will become more popular. He suggested that the price of gold will increase despite the volatility of the market during the corona virus pandemic. During this time there will be declining interest rates and money supply going through the roof is supportive of bullion prices. So why would anyone invest in either gold or silver at this time?

Tangible Financial Assets

As the country remains under quarantine many people are working remotely or searching ways to get out of debt during this time. At this time rent is being frozen, internet and cable bills are being suspended. But if and when this pandemic hysteria comes down all those bills will be due. One lesson that can be learned from this COVID-19 pandemic is that one should not rely one stream of income. If you have a skill outside of your full time job then you should monetize it. Sadly, we see many people that are being forced to work with the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus because they cannot afford to miss work. I believe that is a horrible situation to be in. However, if you are able to work from home during this time create a side hustle, build your emergency savings, and consider investing in silver and gold.

Ownership is valuable. Investing in precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, as well as palladium, can enhance your portfolio. It can also equity investment windfalls and allows your investment to play the long game by avoiding the effects of devaluation. Investing in gold and silver also allows one to combat the effects of inflation.

Gold is a valuable commodity. Gold is also indestructible by design. Gold can be beaten with a hammer or dropped in the ocean and it is still intact. Gold also has the ability to maintain integrity people trust this monetary item. Gold is wanted by both rich and poor people. Gold has tenacity. Gold survived the rise and fall of Ancient Egyptian and Roman empires. Additionally, civilized nations fought wars to obtain and preserve gold. In our current contemporary society each nation state continues to have a form of gold coin in circulation.


Silver is also having a demand and value. Usually people always assume that gold is more attractive than silver. Personally, I believe having both gold and silver is a wise investment. The key difference between gold and silver is that silver is cheaper than gold. Silver has value because it is rare in nature. Traditionally, native silver usually occurs mixed in ores with other metals. In Ancient Egypt the citizens found rich silver deposits in the gold they mimed. They learned how to separate the metals and refined silver. They would often refer to silver as “White Gold.” Silver is coincides with industrial roles and items. Silver is found in electronics, solar panels, and batteries. Like its counterpart gold silver has survived the rise and fall of several Ancient empires as a form of currency. Despite the chaos going on in the country I believe it is important to stay ahead, cultivate skills and resources for self-preservation. If you want to know more about purchasing or investing gold and silver bullion get started here @

Wealth Always Reigns Supreme

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