Mauri Countess Gems 4th of July Weekend Sale!!!

The new Duchess collection from Mauri Countess Gems celebrates our first connection to eminence: the connection to opulence. Mauri Countess Gems prides itself on being the trendsetter. Ascend to your throne with exceptional jewelry. Mauri Countess Gems is a luxury e-commerce jewelry company. This company serves both men and women while paying tribute to aesthetics and history.

The founder, Brittany Carter spent two years as a graduate student at Clark Atlanta University; graduated in May 2016 respectively. During her time in Atlanta, Brittany learned about African nobility in Tudor England. One evening Brittany attended a class lecture featuring Afro-British scholars. This experience with opulence, royalty, and history. However, Mauri Countess Gems would not come into fruition until three years later. Additionally, the untimely death of artist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle inspired Brittany to start her own marathon.

The English translation is “Mauris”and the plural form is “Mauri,”specifically used by Ancient Romans in reference to Black Africans. Writers in both Greek and Latin specifically used the term as a racial identity. The countess if the female equivalent of earl or a count. Mauri Countess Gems shares a piece of history as it coincides with aesthetics.

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